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Our B Corp certification

With B Corp certification, we have chosen to place the general interest at the core of our business model.

Group of Expanscience employees holding a banner Proud to be B Corp

In 2018, we were the world’s first dermo-cosmetics and pharmaceutical laboratory to be certified B Corp. And this didn’t happen by chance!

Every day, our teams work toward developing our company in a virtuous way, by combining economic performance with social, societal and environmental requirements.
We have followed this voluntary pathway since 2004! That was the year we adhered to the United Nations Global Compact.

“B Corp is a very meaningful label for our brands. It enables us to meet the expectations of consumers who are conscientious players looking for meaning and trust when they purchase”.

Jean-Paul Berthomé, President of Expanscience

Jean-Paul Berthomé
President of Expanscience

“B Corp has an extremely modern approach to CSR in the sense that it places our improvement in terms of CSR at the core of company strategy”.

Christophe Audouin, Chief Executive, “Les 2 Vaches”

Christophe Audouin
Chief Executive, “Les 2 Vaches”

“We’re just a drop of water in the planetary ocean, but we’re doing our part and that’s what it means to be better for the world”.

Karen Lemasson, CSR and Open Innovation Director at Expanscience

Karen Lemasson
CSR and Open Innovation Director at Expanscience

“For me, being better for the world means taking action, ensuring that we are all mobilized for this cause and that brands help us in this undertaking”.

Anne-Sophie Derollepot, Artistic Director and mother of two

Anne-Sophie Derollepot
Artistic Director and mother of two

A community of pioneering companies

B Corp certification evaluates and highlights our real impact and the positive contributions of our activities to society and the environment. This stringent certification underlines our desire to participate in long-term economic development that respects both humans and the planet.

It also attests to our commitment to being transparent with our stakeholders, making our ecosystem move forward toward greater responsibility and encouraging our companies toward greater sharing, equity and respect. In sum, it’s our commitment to being a better company FOR the world and not the best company IN the world!

Group of young smiling women in nature


B Corp certified companies in 90 countries, including 410 en France


audited areas of impact: Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers

Did you know?

B Corp is the abbreviation for “Benefit Corporation”.

Created in 2006, B Corp certification is awarded by B Lab, a non-profit organization, to businesses committed to the common interest and having an economic model that includes social, societal and environmental goals. It’s the only certification that takes into account all company aspects.

B Corp evaluation, which is based on an assessment of business impact (or “BIA”), is graded on a 200-point scale. Eighty points are necessary to obtain certification. 

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