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Reconcile aging and quality of life

Do you have osteoarthritis? Our mission is to provide support that helps you do what you love doing as long as possible.

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Helping you to stay active has been our goal for 30 years! Lifestyle, diet, physical activities and appropriate treatment are the measures we propose. As a complement to our therapeutic means, we propose advice and services concerning steps to take to improve health and diet.


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10 years

of partnership with the French AFLAR association that works with patients to combat rheumatic afflictions


partnership since 2015 with FUMERAC, a Mexican association for rheumatic patients that funds the diagnosis and treatment of patients without health insurance


osteoarthritis patients questioned worldwide since 2014 on how to concretely improve their daily living


Learn all about osteoarthritis and how it’s treated, along with access to expert advice on how to live with this illness and keep your spirits up.

Discover Arthrolink

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Being informed about the illness and obtaining advice on osteoarthritis with Arthrolink is key. But Expanscience goes one step further by providing you with a free 12-step service that combines nutritional advice and physical activities.

Discover Arthrocoach (website in French)

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Arthrocoach App

With the Arthrocoach App, we show you how to take charge of your personal health through 30 programs (videos and podcasts) we make available to cover three areas: physical activities, nutrition and well-being. At no cost to you, this informative and entertaining app puts you in contact with other patients, as well as with healthcare professionals who monitor your progress. It’s a true virtual ally. Download it now!

Install Arthrocoach App (web-app in French)

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