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Offer the best of nature to the cosmetics industry

Before taking advantage of nature’s benefits, nature must first be respected and protected.

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We bring cosmetics industry players around the world the best that nature has to offer, with innovative active ingredients that preserve biodiversity and contribute to restoring it.

Cosmetic active ingredients for to the well-being of body and mind


Since 1977, our mastery of technologies like molecular distillation or plant extraction has allowed our Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D) team to design 100% natural cosmetic active ingredients and sensorially appealing components that contribute to the well-being of body and mind.

Our demanding pharmaceutical culture ensures that our products offer the highest level of quality, effectiveness, safety and stability.

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of cosmetic active ingredients are of natural origin


market countries

Responsible supply chains


Our commitment to caring for body and mind while having a positive and restorative impact on the planet naturally led us to implement responsible supply chains for our plant raw materials. We apply this demanding approach to all our supply chains worldwide, in France, South America, Africa and Asia. Since 2011, we have been a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a non-profit association that promotes ethical sourcing which respects people and biodiversity.

With the future in mind, we have obtained the Fair for Life label for our maca supply chain. Representing a real step forward in our commitments, it guarantees producers a fair price and decent working conditions within a context of environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

We act daily to achieve a lighter ecological footprint, and we have committed our cosmetic active ingredients business to contributing to planetary carbon neutrality by 2030.

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of our cosmetic active ingredients are approved or “Cosmos” certified.


of our cosmetic active ingredients come from upcycling

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