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Special interests and transparency

In countries around the world, the activity of pharmaceutical laboratories is very closely monitored. In France, Expanscience is directly concerned by the “Loi Bertrand,” an act that aims to encourage transparency with respect to the special interest links between healthcare professionals and industrialists in the sector. Here is a summary of the modes and consequences of this act.

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How does Expanscience work with healthcare professionals?

It’s both unavoidable and indispensable: we are obliged to rely on the expertise of healthcare professionals. They help us meet the needs of patients, guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our products and support scientific progress.

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We call on them mainly in three instances:


  1. During the initial product development steps:
    We ask healthcare professionals to help us carry out indispensable clinical trails designed to validate the safety and effectiveness of our products. These experts participate in defining therapeutic needs, protocols and the patients concerned. Throughout the trials, they follow the patients. They also take part in the scien-tific publication of results. We also support research workers through grants in the therapeutic areas where we are present. These collaborations enable healthcare professionals to work with actual medicines or pharmaceutical specialties, while enlarging their knowledge of specific pathologies and patient needs.

  2. To improve the quality of information provided:
    When we want to deliver information to doctors, pharmacists or patients, we ask for the assistance of healthcare professionals who have been recruited for their expertise. The objective is to adapt our information and the way we deliver it to the individuals we want to reach. Thus, the doctors we consult make sure that the interests of patients are properly taken into account in our approach. Their validation also attests to the reliability of our publications.

  3. To highlight their knowledge during congresses, symposia or round tables:
    During meetings that bring together players in the health sector, we call on healthcare professionals to present our current research, our products, etc. In this case, the relationship that binds us to the healthcare professional is explained before any presentation is made. Presentation contents are based on scientific data and meet the requirements of current regulations in the country concerned.

Collaborations subject to the law


In France, our collaborations with healthcare professionals are subject to the provisions of the Loi Bertrand concerning the supervision of benefits, as well as to ANSM1 and DGS2 regulations. These contributions are subject to agreements that list the terms of our collaboration.

The remuneration of healthcare professionals is compliant with the directives governing the calculation of fair market value. These directives are based on specific professional qualifications and the time required to carry out a requested service. For exam-ple, a doctor who is engaged for one day will be paid on the basis of a day of consultation.

Finally, remuneration and travel or meal expenses incurred for the purpose of a mission are granted to these healthcare professionals when they exceed €10 TTC, in compliance with the law.

1. ANSM : Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Other Health Products)
2. DGS : Direction Générale de la Santé (Department of Health)

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And concretely for Expanscience?

For us, this means that we have an obligation to keep a record of all our collaborations, interactions and expenses concerning healthcare professionals, such as invitations, meals, books, research and consulting. This information is published on the public website developed under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Healthcare professionals have full and guaranteed access to this data for a five-year period.


Access the French “Transparency - Health” public database

Laboratoires Expanscience affirms that information is processed in a fair and lawful way in compliance with the French “IT and Civil Liberties Act” dated January 6, 1978, and modified. Laboratoires Expanscience collects only pertinent data that is strictly necessary for publication purposes. All data made public is compliant with current regulatory provisions. In compliance with the “IT and Civil Liber-ties Act” dated January 6, 1978, and modified, and to Decree no. 2005-1309 dated October 20, 2005, individuals have the right to access and rectify information concerning them. They may exercise this right by contacting the Laboratoires Expanscience Data Protection Officer by email at or by writing a letter to the following address: Laboratoires Expanscience - Legal Department - 1 place des Saisons - 92048 Paris La Défense Cedex (France). However, these individuals may not request removal of this information once it has been corrected.

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