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Develop your talents

Because we are a human-sized company, we know how essential it is for everyone to be involved in meeting the challenges of the future.

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Each person's potential contributes to success for all!

You don’t give your all for over seventy years without a good reason. At Expanscience, we help individuals shape their well-being, from the youngest to the oldest.

It’s what stimulates our 1,000 employees to move forward and continue to carry out research and innovate, every single day! 

Expanscience Brasil team


employees in 13 subsidiaries, on five continents.
Head office in Paris, production site and Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D) center at Epernon in the Eure-et-Loir department


of women and 38% of men in the company

We are a B Corp company. For this reason, we commit to being a company that’s better for the world...and better for it’s employees, too!

We believe that individual potential leads to success for everyone. By sharing expertise, encouraging innovation, fostering initiative and promoting your development, we help you to grow so that we can move forward together. 

For us, there is a strong link between professional well-being and individual and collective performance. For this reason, we implement an ambitious quality of life at work program, including a remote-work agreement and the right to disconnect, a gender parity agreement, a parenting charter, health week, a policy for the disabled and thoughtful attention to employees (sending of packages to new arrivals, to women who announce a pregnancy or for the birth of a child). The list is long!

In recognition of our efforts to promote the well-being of our employees in France and in all our subsidiaries, we have been awarded Great Place to Work certification, which rewards companies where it's good to work.

Great Place To Work logo


This is the overall score we obtained on the Trust Index© (to be certified, an organization must obtain a minimum score of 65% positive responses to the Great Place To Work survey)


of our employees believe that Expanscience supports parenthood

Here’s what makes us different as an employer:


number 1  Our B Corp certification recognizes our positive impact on society and the environment.


number 2  87% of employees are proud to work for us (GPTW 2023).


number 3  We were rated 99/100 on the gender parity index in 2024.

“It is a pride to be part of a B Corp and committed company like Expanscience, which constantly seeks to progress by encouraging its employees to do so as well.”

Virginie Wallon - Corporate Digital and Social Media Manager, Expanscience France

Virginie Wallon
Corporate Digital and Social Media Manager, Expanscience France

“I feel very proud to work for a company where sustainability and CSR are part of the DNA. I am amazed every day by the true passion and commitment of my colleagues across the teams.”

Ines Muselli - e-Retail Manager, Expanscience USA

Ines Muselli
e-Retail Manager, Expanscience USA

“Expanscience is concerned about people’s well-being. I’m happy to contribute to the future of our company.”

Pedro Valdes, Financial Analyst, Expanscience Mexico

Pedro Valdes
Financial Analyst, Expanscience Mexico

“It’s an honor to be part of a company that’s so strongly committed to CSR. As concerns me, I’d like to contribute to leaving a better world for the coming generations.”

Yuffie Yu, Key Account Manager, Expanscience Hong Kong

Yuffie Yu
Key Account Manager, Expanscience Hong Kong

Furthering your career

Welcome on board! Like all new employees at Expanscience, you’ll be welcomed during a session designed to present the company and its activities at the Paris La Défense head office and at Epernon, our IR&D and production site.

Throughout your career, you will benefit from our “performance cycle”. Each year, your manager will arrange an annual interview and a personal development interview. These interviews will enable following your development and ascertaining how fulfilling your job is, and may involve suggesting possible training or discussing your desire to work with us elsewhere in France or internationally.

As you see, Expanscience aims to do everything possible to enable you to continue your career by focusing on exciting, challenging projects under high-quality working conditions.

Employee at the Epernon site in front of a machine


of payroll was dedicated to training in 2023


employees benefited from mobility (in France or internationally) in 2023

Expanscience values


From R&D to production, by way of marketing and the sales networks, expertise is a key component of our values. Every single day, divisions, departments, services and employees develop their expertise by being involved in innovative projects.


For more than 20 years, we have been fully committed to our CSR policy. It includes action plans and programs dedicated to developing the skills, quality of life at work and well-being of our employees.


Sharing know-how makes it expand and spread. Our policy is ambitious and concrete. From the introductory orientation for new arrivals to our skills development policy, we support our employees throughout their career. 


Our company's success is contingent on how our employees perform. Everything has been planned to help you progress, including annual interviews, a performance management cycle, and a cross-function project management policy.


Because our employees invest in our company, we share the benefits of our success with them through initiatives like profit-sharing, share ownership and company savings plans.

Innovation & Creativity

Promoting the creativity and know-how of our employees is part of our DNA. Our participatory innovation approach develops the creativity and expertise of each of our employees.

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