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8 december 2021

Expanscience becomes a mission-driven company

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A major step forward in transitioning to a model with a positive impact


After being recognized as the first B Corp pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory in 2018, Expanscience has become a “mission-driven company”. This is an important step forward for our company that will enable us to go even further in our transition towards a model with a positive impact.

As a company with a mission, we commit to working toward the common good through our purpose (“help individuals shape their well-being”) and social and environmental objectives. We will implement these statutory objectives, follow their advancement and report on our actions and progress. Our impACT roadmap for 2030 is key to reaching these objectives. We will also rely on a Mission Committee, which will include both internal and external stakeholders.

Becoming a mission-driven company is a voluntary choice we have made within the framework of the Pacte Law. As a complement to our B Corp certification, it will reinforce our positive impact and commitment to social and environmental performance, while taking into account the interests of our stakeholders.

Infographics - Expanscience becomes a mission-driven company


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